Listed Buildings

Frequently Asked Questions

Wooden kitchen design below stainless steel roof tie in Gordon Terrace, Newington, Edinburgh.

What Are Listed Buildings?

Your building is Listed if it is of ‘special’ architectural or historical interest and as a consequence, receives protection under planning legislation. In Scotland, Listed Buildings are categorised according to their relative importance:

A)Buildings of national or international significance

B)Buildings of regional or more than local importance

C)Buildings of local importance

SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS can have a personal conversation with you and advise if your property is Listed and what this means.

Do I Need Listed Building Consent?

It’s a criminal offence to demolish, alter materially, or extend a listed building without Listed Building Consent. However, you probably won’t need Listed Building Consent if you’re replacing old materials for new on a ‘like-for-like’ basis and the repair work doesn’t affect the character of the building.

SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS can check and advise you if consent is needed. It’s free to apply for Listed Building Consent, and the application we will prepare for you is similar to developing a Planning Application.

Can I Build An Extension To A Listed Building?

Yes, SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS have extensive experience extending Listed Buildings. We have an excellent track record when it comes to obtaining Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent to alter and extend Listed Buildings, even A Listed Buildings in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town World Heritage Site.

What Is A Conservation Area?

Conservation areas “are areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”.

What Is A Conservation Area consent?

Conservation area consent controls the demolition of unlisted buildings in conservation areas. The consent process is similar to the listed building consent process. SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS can advise you on this and prepare any applications that may be needed.

Can SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTSassist with Conservation projects?

SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS are often involved in the repair of the existing fabric of historic buildings and have handled a number of projects grant-aided under the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS). Contact us if we can be of help.

Glass beams and glass structural frameless walls used in Morey place, a grade A listed building.