Building Warrant

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is A Building Warrant?

A building warrant is a legal permission to carry out building work. To get a warrant, the work you’re planning to do must conform to building regulations. SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS can advise you on this and carry out the whole process for you.

How Do I Get A Building Warrant?

To get a building warrant, SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS will prepare the necessary drawings for you following the Building Regulations and apply to your local council’s building standards department.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Building Warrant?

Once SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS have submitted your application, building standards will assess it to see whether it complies with building standards and issue an initial technical response. This should take around four weeks, although this can vary depending on how complicated your project is and how busy they are. We will then amend drawings and provide additional information to the Local Authority. The whole process from applying to receiving your Warrant is usually 2 to 3 months.

Do I Need A Building Warrant?

There are certain types of building work that doesn’t need a warrant, although most of these will still need to follow Building Regulations. The Scottish Building Standards system and Building Regulations differ from those in the rest of the UK. The main difference is that, in Scotland, a Building Warrant must be granted before work begins on site. If you do start, it’s an offense, and you could be fined. But don’t worry as SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS will deal with the whole process.

If I Get A Building Warrant, Do I Need Planning Permission Too?

A building warrant is not the same as planning permission – the two application processes are separate. If your project requires a building warrant, it may well request planning permission as well. SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS can help you with both.

How Much Is The Fee To Apply For A Building Warrant?

The fee you pay to your local Authority to apply for a Building Warrant is based on the value of work you’re doing. Minor building work, up to £5,000 carries a fee from £150. SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS can advise you on this, or you can Download the scale of fees here.

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