Residential services in Edinburgh that will make designing your bespoke home easy

SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS has years of experience in residential architecture, allowing us to provide you with a vast array of residential services. We make the process so much easier by taking all the stress away from you. Ensure that your aspirations are turned into reality when it comes to bespoke private dwellings in Edinburgh, Fife, East Lothian, Stirling, and Scotland.

The sectors covered in our residential services

We have developed skills in the following sectors for bespoke private dwellings and large scale home building developments:

  • Tailor-made interiors designed to fulfil your bespoke private dwelling needs
  • Repairs and maintenance carried out periodically on your bespoke private dwelling
  • Tailor-made private house extensions
  • Sustainability in the choice of materials and energy efficiency




How can we assist you with the creation of your bespoke private dwelling?

SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS will guide you by providing you with:

  • A customised solution to create a bespoke private home
  • Fine-tune your brief
  • Applying for planning permission and building warrants
  • Choosing a contractor
  • Overseeing the building process
  • Project completion
  • Drawing up a repair and maintenance schedule for your tailor-made private dwelling

Realise your bespoke private home with our residential services

Our services are tailor-made to fit your every desire.