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Boscombe Sea Change
Competition entry

The Boscombe Sea Change project is a government funded scheme for the UK’s only purpose designed disabled accessible beach huts.

Design Concept
An exciting contemporary design with references to seaside gardens and Punch and Judy!  Formed by simple screens it is an open and airy design that also offers privacy.  The building has a sense of fun and is the opposite of the usual damp dull institutional environment of the changing rooms of days gone by. 

Simple Technology
The beach huts are constructed from cross laminated timber - solid and robust prefabricated panels of wood that are erected fast and dry.  The sustainable building material of the future is low energy, flexible, economic and has a positive effect on the well being of humans. The outer face of the panels will have a printed laminate facing whilst the interior is natural timber which has a weathering finish.   The form and quantity of cutouts in the screens is very flexible and can vary to control sun. shade and wind.  The model and images give a flavour of how it might work.  Low maintenance, it can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location if required.

Development Partners: Bournemouth Borough Council with Boscombe Sea Change funders, Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), Public Art South West
Computer Renderings: Tom Kaneko
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