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DESIGN OF THE TIMES - Dott 07 Festival

Dott 07 is a year of community projects, events and exhibitions based in North East England that explore what life in a sustainable region could be like and how design – in it’s widest and not necessarily product based sense - can help us get there. The Dott 07 Festival is an event which will bring together the results of the projects and enable all the people involved to share experiences.

SHS BURRIDGE ARCHITECTS proposed 3 concepts for the festival which attempted to embody and celebrate the ethos of Dott 07; trees, canopy + enclosure.

Trees: An urban forest of 200 trees was proposed for it’s positive effect on the health & well being for the habitants of the North East & the environment as a whole and as a permanent record of Dott 07. On route to their final home the trees were to spend 3 weeks at the Festival laid out as an internal wood with clearings where the project would be animated and discussed.

Canopy: Suspended coloured etfe cushions provide an animated canopy to the festival space with exciting opportunities for up lighting and projection.

Enclosure: A dramatic tented central space which provides orientation and direct links to all outer project zones.

Floor Area: 2500 sq.m

Computer Renderings: Tom Kaneko
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